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Jul 23rd
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Attacks against Muslim women on rise in UK

Attacks against Muslim women on rise in UK

UK Colchester police investigate the crime scene on the Salary Brook trail where a Saudi female student


The future of the political Islam

The future of the political Islam

Gulf Cultural Club/Open Discussions
Professor Tariq Ramadan*
4th March 2014
Chairman: Nowadays we see Muslims engaged in all kinds of political systems fro...


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Satan’s Party

Revd Frank Julian GelliIn Surat al-Mujadila the Qur’an speaks of Hizbullah, God’s Part...


Eradication of Devilish Insinuations

The spiritual traveler must have full control over himself so that no thought might enter ...


The Fellowship of Faiths*

Written by Shaykh Mohamad Ali ShomaliAs a teenager I used to attend a local mosque in Tehr...


Was the Holy Prophet martyred or did he die a natural death?

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour LeghaeiIn general, there is an opinion (among both Shi’a and...

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